Who we are

Lanark Weaver Consulting is a recruitment and placement firm working with companies and candidates throughout various geographies to help them build high performing teams and advance their careers. We take privacy and confidentially seriously. No personally identifying information provided by candidates is ever shared with potential employers without explicit consent.

Information We May Collect

Personal information including employment experience and contact information is routinely collected from candidates through this website, specifically when resumes are submitted for consideration. We also collect and retain additional information, as provided by candidates, through the course of interviews. This information can include name, address, email, telephone numbers, employment histories, salaries, career objectives, and more. All information we collect is stored in secure hosted database services (CRM/ATS) for the purposes of supplying relevant opportunities to candidates and candidate profiles to our clients.

Clients routinely provide confidential and publicly-available information regarding career opportunities and this information is also stored in our CRM/ATS hosted solution on an ongoing basis.


Use of this website may include temporary cookies to ensure a smooth experience. Lanark Weaver Consulting never makes use of any third-party cookies for the purposes of tracking off-site web usage, advertising or for any purpose not related to the smooth operation of the website for our visitors. Cookies may be used by Calendly when booking appointments, our Applicant Tracking System when applying for roles or submitting resumes and Google for monitoring and managing website usage.

Content from other websites

External content from other websites may occasionally be included in this site for information purposes. All external links are subject to the privacy policies for any linked sites.

Who we share your data with

Lanark Weaver Consulting will never share personally-identifying candidate information with any potential employer without your explicit consent. Any information provided by candidates or clients to Lanark Weaver may be stored in our software databases for the purposes of project management, candidate sourcing/matching, and general business operations. This data may be hosted on servers within Canada, the USA or other countries for resiliency.

We strictly limit printed copies of any personally-identifiable information except in the case where physical copies might be required internal to our team on a temporary basis or when printed copies are requested by our clients. All copies are stored securely and shredded when no longer required. Client copies are used for the purpose of considering candidates for potential opportunities and will be retained as part of their files under their privacy policy. Upon agreeing to have your profile submitted to a potential client, you accept and agree to this use of your personal information for this purpose.

Service providers where your information may be stored, transmitted or retained include Google Workspace & Analytics (email, cloud storage), Manatal (CRM/ATS database) and Calendly (appointment scheduling) as well as email/cloud storage and CRM/ATS databases used by our clients. These services may host your data in Canada, US, Europe or other countries.

How long we retain your data

Resumes and personally-identifying information is retained on an ongoing, indeterminate basis as long as the information might be of service to providing relevant and value-added service to our candidates and clients. Candidates have the right to request the deletion of any personal information held by Lanark Weaver Consulting through a simple request to

What rights you have over your data

Your personal data is your own. You have the right to update your personal information with us at anytime and we encourage candidates to send us updated resumes and objectives at anytime. You have the right to have your profile removed completely from our database, including any information provided to us in the course of engaging with our team. Please contact us directly at at anytime should you wish to have your personal information removed from our databases for any reason. A confirmation will be sent when this data is removed from our systems. Please note, that removing your profile from our systems may mean that we can no longer proceed with helping you access career opportunities with our clients.